The site

The Trewidden Care Home is in a highly accessible location, next to the largest car park in St Ives and footpaths in and out of the town.

The Trewidden Care Home is a 39-bedroom care home operated by Cornwallis Care. The building was originally built as a hotel and converted into a care home in the late 1980s. Since that time, planning permission was granted to extend the building to the east and planning permission was also granted by Cornwall Council to change the use of the site to an “apart-hotel” in 2016.

Trewidden Care Home was not built as a specialist care home and the building is unsuitable for the type of care required to meet future social care needs. A new purpose built care home for residents has been built in Penzance.

The designs for this 39-bed apart hotel were to occupy a large portion of the site.

Trewidden Road lies to the north of the site, Trinity Watch to the south, Trenwith Car Park to the west and residential properties to the east.

We believe that the quality of the existing building detracts from the local area and can be significantly improved. It was originally built as a hotel and has been extended in a piecemeal fashion over the 30 years that it has been operating as a care home.

We are now seeking to return the site back to hotel use.

History of the site

The site has been a care home for decades, but the decision was taken over seven years ago to close the home and confirmed when Cornwall Council granted planning permission for an ‘apart’-hotel’ on the site in 2016.

We want to return the site to its original use as a hotel and bring Premier Inn’s affordable accommodation to support St Ives’ vibrant tourism economy and travellers wishing to stay in the town on business.

Early 20th Century

The York Hotel was built and then opened for business on the site.


The hotel was bought by the current owners and after a short period was converted into the Trewidden Care Home. It has been gradually extended and adapted over the years, resulting in the building as it is today.


A planning application was submitted to extend the existing care home, which would add 18 beds. This was granted and implemented.


A planning application was submitted to demolish the existing care home and build an ‘apart-hotel’. This was granted in 2016.


The current owners of the building, Cornwallis Care Services, agreed to sell the building to us to provide a new hotel for St Ives. We are now consulting on our design for a new high-quality and sustainable hotel.