About us

We are a responsible and respectful hotel operator.

Premier Inn is a successful leading UK hotel brand. We are known for our consistency, service and affordability and our hotels appeal to both leisure and business travellers all year-round.

We are also a people business that offers secure, year round, and increasingly flexible work to thousands of people.


We are also a people business that offers secure, year-round, and increasingly flexible work to thousands of people.

All the team members working at Premier Inn hotels, and other Whitbread-operated hotels, are also employed directly by the business and we expect to create 30 new local job opportunities at the St Ives Premier Inn if the plans are approved.

As one of the UK’s most successful hotel businesses, we also find that we also find that our hotels make a positive economic contribution in the communities they serve as our guests go out to eat, drink and spend money locally. Based on our latest data, we calculate our guests will add £2.5 million per year to the St Ives economy should the hotel get the go-ahead.

Our hotels are well-managed, with a core family and business traveller offer. With staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure that those staying in our hotels and our neighbours are free from disturbance.

We offer modern, flexible accommodation with disability access and level-access rooms. Whilst the prices of our rooms will fluctuate due to the season, the average price for a night across the year is expected to be £80-90.

Group booking requests are handled by a dedicated team in our support centre, with the hotel manager always having the final say on whether to accept group booking requests or not.

As a business, we do not cater for coach trips and tours.