Welcome to the website about our plans for a new Premier Inn hotel in St Ives

We have been looking for an appropriate location in the town for many years and we now have the opportunity to bring our brand to the site of the Trewidden Care Home on Trewidden Road.

We selected the location for many reasons but particularly as Trewidden Road is one of the main access roads into St Ives and the site is in a highly accessible location next to the Trenwith Car Park. Cornwall Council has also granted planning permission for an ‘apart-hotel’ to be built on the site previously, establishing its suitability as a location for a new hotel.

After a period of consultation in 2022 on our initial proposals, we submitted our application for a high-quality 100-bedroom hotel to Cornwall Council.

Following feedback from statutory consultees and the local community, we have made significant changes to our proposals.

In summary, we have reduced the hotel’s height and size, changed the design and materials to a more traditional style, reduced the number of hotel rooms from 100 to 90 and reduced the scale of the building to the rear, where there are neighbouring homes and gardens.

We are committed to bringing a new Premier Inn to St Ives, which will improve the range of accommodation for tourist and business travellers, provide around 30 new permanent year-round jobs and invest over £10 million into the local economy as we construct the new building.

We also believe the proposed hotel will make a significant, long-term contribution to the economy of St Ives throughout the year.

Please click here to find out more about how we have changed our proposals. The revised plans are also available on Cornwall Council’s online planning register, reference PA22/11311.



Following the recent submission of a revised application, we are holding a public webinar on Monday 6th November 2023, from 7pm, to be able to explain the significant changes in the proposals, and to answer your questions on them.

Please register here to be able to attend.

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